What Dads Need to Know About Breastfeeding

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Dads have a vital role to play in the success of breastfeeding. They support, protect, encourage, and must be the first supports of their companion. To future dads who are afraid of not finding their place, to mothers who ask themselves a thousand questions, here are our tips for comfortable breastfeeding.



Contrary to what you might think, breastfeeding is not always fun. If Mum is tired or too nervous, the milk does not flow, and Baby lets it know. Dad's presence often helps calm things down and establishes a climate of serenity. Babysits more correctly, anxiety embraces you less.


Before starting your session, ask him to bring you the accessories that will relieve you: the nursing pillow and a glass of water. Doctors recommend drinking while breastfeeding. But Moms forget about it most of the time. Your Prince Charming will naturally be happy to think about it for you. Over the days, you may have fatigue. You will have difficult times. Breastfeeding is sometimes painful. Doubt sets in. Am I doing it right? Is the baby getting enough nutrition? Is my milk rich enough? Should I continue?

The ideal is to associate your companion with these questions. It will be all the easier if you have approached the subject of breastfeeding before childbirth and it is your choice. Trust him. He will be a better judge than you can be. If you can continue, he will encourage you to persevere in this common choice, which is good for Baby. Men can encourage your partner, reassure her, take over with baby between two feedings, bring her many glasses of water, offer her a breast pump or pumping and nursing bra if she needs it, and massage her.



Breastfeeding is not just a mother's story. It is also and above all, the choice of a couple. Realizing this will allow you to get out of the fear that the dad will feel outside during these milky moments. 


He can help a smooth suckling process

Breastfeeding is not just about breastfeeding. There is a whole logistics around it. This is where the young father comes in: by bringing the baby to his mate, by helping the mother to settle down comfortably during the feed (by bringing her, for example, cushions), by changing the baby before or after breastfeeding, providing the mother with a breast pump or best hands-free pumping bra, etc.


He is there to motivate the mother.

Breastfeeding is not all about happiness. Cracks, fatigue, difficulty in sucking, reduced lactation; breastfeeding mothers can encounter a large number of difficulties that can demotivate them. In these complicated moments, it is important that the young dad can be a listening ear and comfort his partner, but also motivate and support her psychologically. In short, support her in this unique adventure!

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He can take over between feedings

Feeding is a big part of a baby's life, but luckily it's not the only thing he does in his day. Between feedings, the dad can get 200% involved: change him, give him a bath, take him for a walk, and sing a lullaby, there are so many ways to create a relationship with the baby.


Dad corrects breastfeeding position

The baby is hungry. Mom rushes over to him, hugs him, and breastfeeds him. Oops! She didn't have time to prepare a pillow to lean on her back or a nursing pillow to rest her arms on and help carry her baby. She also did not have time to prepare a glass of water in case of thirst.

Do you agree that this situation repeats itself several times during the day and this throughout the duration of breastfeeding? When he is at home, the dad can help the mom get into a more comfortable position. By taking care of her comfort, he brings her comfort and gratitude for what she does. She will feel supported, and her body will suffer less from muscle tension.


Dad burp baby

The dad carries his baby during the "feeding break." According to one mother, when I was still breastfeeding my son, I always had a hard time burping him. It was something that I was not good at. Let's face it. My husband did it perfectly. He would take the baby in his arms, walk around the house, and burp him. This created a “break” during the feeding, and dad played an important role because without burping babies quickly gets stomachaches.


Dad changes diapers:

A dad changing the diaper of his breastfed baby, a classic, isn't it? Changing a baby's diapers isn't rocket science. The first few times, we have awkward gestures, but then everything is rolling. No need to find excuses. The dad is perfectly suited to changing diapers. Even the feces!


Ideas for special moments with baby in breastfeeding

Involving your partner in the breastfeeding adventure is all the more important as he may feel frustrated at being left out while you forge an intimate relationship with Baby. Obviously, Papa will never know the same physical closeness. However, he can also do skin to skin with baby and carry it in his arms or in a sling. Their bond will be strengthened.

Breastfeeding takes a long time and requires a large investment. So why not let Dad take special care of Baby at other times of the day? The baby needs to take a bath. It is also a special time that Dad can share exclusively with his child! Is he having trouble falling asleep? Dad is there to rock him and put him to bed. Quickly, children feel the need to play. It's a great thing that Daddy gets used to it sooner rather than later. Thus, he will know his child better and establish a lasting relationship with him.


Bottom Line:

The arrival of a newborn obliges each one to turn more towards the other so that Baby grows in the greatest harmony. It is a turning point in the life of your family. Breastfeeding is a component that no member should neglect. It is a crucial period not only for Baby but also for his parents. Of course, Mom is primarily concerned. Dad still has an essential role: that of kind support.

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