10 Things That Might Surprise You About Being Pregnant

10 Things That Might Surprise You About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is considered the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Nevertheless, how many women still find it wonderful is really a question mark. Creating a child is every woman’s desire, although not many of them understand the emotional and physical changes females need to move through when pregnant. There are various biological changes affecting hormone production. This phase is all about bad and good experiences. Initially, it could take the time that you adapt you to ultimately modifications. However, after a while, your whole body accepts these changes. Regardless of how pregnancy is a wonderful time for every woman, certain things are truly a marvel to experience.

1- Your Sense Of Smell May Change

You may find that you are sensitive to the way something smells. Some smells may cause you to get headaches while you are pregnant. Often your taste and smell things differently when you are pregnant. If the smell of food is off-putting to you, then you should prepare meals that don’t have much aroma. This will help you to eat the meal later. Strong smelling foods like curries or heavy oils and spices should be avoided. Eating smaller, lighter meals more often can reduce nausea during pregnancy. This will also help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

2- You May Experience Various Kinds Of Cramps:

When a woman is pregnant, the cramps frequently do in sync with the woman's health condition.

  1. First of its kind occurs during the first trimester that a woman could feel pain while implantation occurs, usually after the ovulation period.
  2. Secondly, the cramps could be caused due to the expansion of the uterus. It’s natural that the pregnant woman’s body adjusts itself for the baby by stretching and expansion of the uterus and subsequent cramps.
  3. Other cramps are a bit frustrating as it followed by bleeding and spotting, as this could be due to a possible miscarriage.
  4. During the first trimester, the pregnant woman can also experience pain due to gas disturbance and constipation, leading to discomfort.
  5. The cramps trouble could haunt you for some time on, and you would also be suffering from cramps during the course of the second and third trimester of the pregnancy.
  6. Finally, these cramps can also return during pre-term labor and early labor.

3- Pain In Odd Places

 As ligaments stretch and your baby grows, you will find pain in odd places. The most common is lower back pain and pelvic pain. This can be worse when you lift one leg at a time. Getting dressed, standing up, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a car can be painful. Sometimes your hips feel like they click in and out of place, and this can be quite alarming. You may feel pain, tingling, and even numbness of either of your legs and may include your lower back (sciatica). Rolling over in bed can be very uncomfortable, and you may even feel pain when you sneeze or cough.

4- Your Breast Size May Change Several Times

Your breasts may feel tender and swollen. You will notice this more when exercising or trying to sleep. This symptom will increase as you go further into your pregnancy. Your breast size will change during the pregnancy because your body is preparing food for your baby. The size of the breast may change several times during the pregnancy. It will not be getting bigger only; you may get smaller and then bigger again during 9 months. This may also happen after childbirth because your body is adapting the new changes.

Invest in a feeding bra or maternity bra that helps you better prepared for the new demands of your body during pregnancy. After giving birth, use a breastfeeding or pumping bra. The best pumping bra that makes your journey easier is Momcozy had free pumping and nursing bra.

5- Your Heart Grows

When a woman is pregnant, her heart grows bigger, metaphorically and physically. But why her heart grows? It’s all because of her baby as he needs oxygenated blood that imposes an extra demand on the circulatory system.

During pregnancy, the blood volume of the pregnant woman increases by 40 to 50%. To handle the volume of blood, the body causes your heart to grow in size. When the heart grows, the blood moves to every corner of the mother and baby’s body.

6- Shoe Size Increases

Everyone knows that a pregnant woman can’t fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes. The surprising fact is that it is true for shoes too. Many preggers experience swelling in their feet due to extra fluid in their bodies. They have to change their shoe size. The large size of slip-on shoes is comfortable for pregnant women.

7- Get More Body Hair:

Women have shiny and thick hair during pregnancy, but they get more body hair too. Hair can feel healthier and fuller when a woman is expecting a baby because it can grow faster. Hair may grow on other parts of the body, too, like the back, abdomen, and face.

8- Produce More Estrogen

Preggers produce more estrogen in 24 hours as compared to non-pregnant women do in 12 months. During the placenta, women grow an extra organ, i.e., the placenta, which produces hormones. At full term, a pregnant woman will produce estrogen in a single day than a non-pregnant woman will in 36 months. 

9- Blood Volume Increases 

Oxygenated blood is required for your baby to develop and grow like you do when you are pregnant. Due to this extra demand, your circulatory system produces 40 to 50% more blood than normal blood volume. In terms of numbers, the blood volume of an adult woman is about 1.5 gallons on average. But when you are pregnant, your body can produce up to 0.75 gallons of extra blood. It means your blood volume can be up to 2.25 gallons before you give birth.

10- Mothers May Get Bad Breath

Preggers' gums are more susceptible to plaque due to hormonal changes, which can lead to bad breath, bleeding and inflammation. It is called pregnancy gingivitis.



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