The Baby Vomit Milk and Hugged Immediately? Be Careful of Hurting Your Baby!

6 mar 2020
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Many babies will vomit after they are born. They will vomit when they are a little excited.

Sometimes it's just a little bit of spillage, but sometimes it's a lot of vomiting all over the nostril and mouth...At the scene of such a large-scale disaster, mother is always scared and collapsed. Why does baby vomit frequently? Is this abnormal? What can I do to prevent baby from vomiting milk? Let me tell you!

Why does a newborn vomit?

Baby vomiting is divided into physiological vomiting and pathological vomiting.

Most of the vomiting is physiological, mainly because the baby's digestive system is not yet developed, and the cardia is relatively loose. After the milk is consumed, the abdomen is slightly forced, and the vomiting will occur. In addition, the mother's incorrect feeding position to the baby and the baby’s intolerance to the formula (need to replace part of the hydrolyzed formula) can also cause vomiting.

Physiological vomiting is very common. As long as the baby is not uncomfortable, the mother does not have to worry too much, usually, it will be much relieved after 6-8 months.

However, pathological vomiting will cause more vomiting and may be accompanied by fever, crying, etc. Mothers must learn to judge.

How to prevent babies from vomiting milk?

As above mentioned, the baby's vomiting is mainly related to the body's developmental structure and some incorrect feeding positions.

If you want to prevent your baby from vomiting, you need to start with the following aspects to solve the problem.

 Feeding position

When feeding the baby, the mother should try to adopt a half-seat or inclined angle (30 ~ 45 degrees is sufficient), so that the baby covers most of the areola, so as not to inhale more air.

Don't let your baby lie down and eat milk.

If you use a bottle, you can feed the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. The pacifier should be filled with milk. The size of the pacifier should match the baby's age and the size should be appropriate. This can reduce swallowing more air.

Pat when hiccup

After feeding the baby, pay attention to holding the baby upright for a while, about 15 ~ 30 minutes. During this period, you can pat the baby. The correct posture is to let the baby lie on the adult's shoulder, and then the adult gently pats the baby's back with his hand (use the palm). The main purpose is to pat the air drawn into the stomach. It would be better if you could pat the air out of the stomach, because not every time can succeed. Be sure not to lay down your baby immediately after feeding, as the baby will vomit with a little force. Of course, the mother can also try to pause after feeding for 3 ~ 5 minutes each time, pat the baby (same as above), and then continue feeding.

■ Status

To feed your baby, it is best to breastfeed on demand and on time. Do not wait until your baby is hungry before feeding, because the baby can easily inhale too much air while eating too fast.

Trying to feed your baby in a quiet and pleasant state can help reduce vomiting.

In addition, you can't feed your baby too much at one time. Too full can cause vomiting or overflowing milk. You can try a small number of feeding methods.

All the above methods are done, but sometimes the baby still vomits milk, then try to raise the baby's upper body and let him lie on his right side, there is always a right method for you.


Many mothers like to enter the diaper changing process after feeding.

It is recommended not to change the baby's diapers after feeding. It is best to change them before feeding. This will also prevent vomiting.

What should a mother do after baby vomits?

After the baby vomits milk, the mother needs to "clean up the battlefield", which can be done as follows:

① It is necessary to feed some water to the baby after vomiting, because the baby will lack water after vomiting, just feed some warm water.

② If your baby is vomiting, it is best to let your baby turn his face to the side to prevent the vomit from entering the respiratory tract.

③ After vomiting, there will definitely be many residues in the baby's mouth. These residues will give off some smell. It is best for the mother to clean up the residues with clean gauze.

Coughing after vomiting

Don't pick up your baby right away

Many mothers have such a habitual movement. When they see that the baby is accompanied by a slight cough after vomiting, they always subconsciously hug the baby upright and pat.

Never do this again!

Because it is very easy for the baby to inhale vomit into the respiratory tract, which may cause more serious diarrhoea or pneumonia.

The best way to do this is to keep your baby's face on its side, don't hold it, just pat your baby's back gently.

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