Baby Washcloths: Towel Folds & Tricks

12 oct 2020

Kids can be tricky to work with. They require time and attention in odd ways, and this can be a tiring task for every parent. One of the most common struggles for parents is making their child’s baby washcloth interesting for them. While you can purchase the best baby washcloths in multiple different colors, you could still be struggling to motivate your child into using them regularly while eating or after washing, and even teaching older children how to fold their washcloths properly.


Unique Baby Washcloth Tricks

For your child to pay attention to their baby washcloth, you must be able to make use of tricks that make them appealing for the child. One of the easiest ways to do so is by learning different kinds of towel folds that attract the attention of your child.

Towel animals can be a fun surprise for your children. Once you learn the basics of these exciting towel tricks, you can turn your simple baby washcloths into fun creatures for your kids!


Towel Folds: The Swan

A towel swan (or duck) is the easiest way to kickstart your towel folding experience. To start, you will require two plain baby washcloths and a smooth folding surface such as a table. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the towel swan in under five minutes:

  1. Start by spreading the baby washcloth out, having one of the long ends facing you.
  2. Roll the right and left sides of the washcloth towards the mid-point of the towel and keep rolling until you reach the middle of the baby washcloth.
  3. Now, rotate your towel 90-degrees and notice how the endpoint becomes the beak of the swan or duck.
  4. Gently turn the sides of the baby washcloth on itself to form the base of the swan and shape the towel backwards on itself to form a swan head.
  5. Grab that second baby washcloth, roll it lengthwise and then fold it in half. Placing this on top of the body of the swan will provide support to the neck of your swan and also give it a swan-like appearance. If you want to make a duck, skip the second baby washcloth part entirely.

This simple trick can turn your ordinary baby washcloth into a swan – making it 10 times more appealing for your toddler to use.


Teaching Your Child How to Fold

Since laundry time is a regular chore in every household, it is important to teach your child the basics of baby washcloths from a young age. One of the simplest tasks to encourage your kids to do independently is folding their baby washcloths.

You can facilitate their learning by demonstrating a basic folding technique for them, such as making the longer edges meet and then folding the entire thing in half.

Since children are quick learners, they are likely to start folding their own baby washcloths in no time. This encourages them to participate in basic household tasks such as laundry folding, and also sparks their interest in learning more towel tricks in the future.

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