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Best Breast Pump by Momcozy

$46.99 USD

Momcozy breast pump has been strictly controlled according to the suction power of the baby when drinking breast milk. Multi-level suction can be adjusted to make mother's breast pumping experience more natural and comfortable. With 180 frequencies, moms can enjoy massaging while Breastfeeding.

5 modes, 36 levels of suction adjustment, intelligent memory, large-capacity lithium battery, safe material

Key Features

5 Modes: one machine resolves mother's breastfeeding problems!
Automatic Mode: breastfeeding while massaging, saving effort and effort
Milk-opening Mode: Effectively promote mother's breast milk secretion
Massage Mode: massage the breast to achieve the purpose of breast milk secretion
Simulated breastfeeding Mode: simulating baby's breastfeeding mode
Memory Mode: you can find your own mode when you turn it on

Ultra-Quiet Low Vibration Motor
Ultra-quiet motor, speed up to 6000r/min, stable speed, with S-frame shock absorption structure, low vibration, low noise, not disturbing your baby, quiet and safe

Large-Capacity Lithium Battery
Graphene cell lithium battery provides strong and stable breast pumping frequency. It can be used for 90 minutes when fully charged, and it does not require a power adapter when going out. It can be used easily no matter where you go.

Intelligent Memory, You Can "Start Work"
Automatically memorize the function stalls used last time, you can find your own mode when you turn it on

Simulated Baby Sucking Naturally
The first stage: Stimulate lactation: At the beginning, it is rapid and rapid. Massage stimulates the mother's nipple and areola, promotes the secretion of milk, and triggers a milk burst.
Stage 2: Breast pumping mode: When milk flows out of the nipple, the baby will slow down and suck breast milk slowly and deeply

Smaller than Smaller
Equivalent to the weight of an apple, reducing the burden on the mother
241g body weight

USB Charging vs. Charging While Using
Don't want to drag a plug-in board, the charging treasure can also come to respond to the emergency
Abandon the previous generation big-end charger, USB charging cable, compatible with common USB charging devices, will not grab the socket with your household appliances, the battery is about to run out, you can also connect the charging treasure, use while charging