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MOMCOZY® 3 Pack Silicone Baby Bib


MOMCOZY®3 Pack Silicone Baby Bib for Babies & Toddlers (6-72 Months), Waterproof, BPA Free, White Grey and Green, Easy Clean up

Protects baby's clothing from milk, formula and food crumbs.
Protects baby's neck from irritation caused by plastic.
Protects baby's clothes from wetness and staining (waterproof).
Doubles up as a snack tray (custom made wider pocket).

No more washing stained bibs and cleaning spills on the floor. No more odor.
Reduces loads and loads of laundry. Keeps your baby clean and dry avoiding messy situations in public.
Soft, flexible and completely foldable. Easy to store in diaper bags – travel convenient especially for Parents.
Cleans Easily by rinsing off under running water and wiping clean. Save water, save time Dishwasher safe.
Economical – prevent multiple purchases and stocking up on cotton bibs.

100% Medical Grade Premium Soft Silicone including Neckband measuring 10 inches to 13 inches (26cm - 33cm)
Non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures while still maintaining its useful properties


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