When talking about storage breastmilk, breast pump and milk storage methods are the most important parts. In order to keep breast milk free from contamination, the choice of containers is very crucial. Today, we are going to talk about milk storage bottle and milk storage bags.

Milk Storage Bottles

Milk Storage Bottles

For milk storage bottles, they are generally divided into glass bottles and plastic bottles.  Glass bottles are the safest, and they can be sterilized by high temperature. For plastic milk storage bottles, they could not be sterilized by high temperature and is a little inferior in safety. However, plastic bottles are lighter than glass ones in weight, which makes them more convenient to carry.  And the glass bottles are fragile and heavy to carry, which may increase the burden of the mother.

Milk Storage Bags

milk storage bags

Although milk storage bags are disposable products, they are still safe to use in safety. The milk storage bags are more convenient than milk storage bottles. They save a lot of work, including the work of cleaning and sterilizing. What’s more,

has the effect of anti-bacteria and will be safer to use. For some milk storage bags, they have the function of temperature perception and discoloration, so that mothers could master the temperature when warming the milk.

As the milk storage bags are easy to damage, the sealing of the bags is very important. They don’t get a lid like a bottle, so you had better choose a milk storage bag with double zipper for safe sealing.

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momcozy breastmilk storage bags

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  1. Safe material & pre-sterilized ensuring baby’s health with safety material and safety use.
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  3. Self-standing design for easy transfer breastmilk between bottles and bags.
  4. Large writable label for recording the date to keep track of your breast milk.
  5. Sturdy design & accurate measurements for ensuring baby get the exact amount of the intended breast milk.


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