We cannot always accompany the baby when it was born. When we are away from the baby, how to solve the problem of breastfeeding? At this time, you need a breast pump to suck out the milk in advance and keep it well. When the baby is hungry, you just need to heat up the milk and feed the baby with bottle.

What is a breast pump?

A breast pump is a tool that helps to suck the breast milk from the mother through vacuum pressure generated by the handle and the electric pump. Many massage pads of breast pump are designed to imitate the action of breastfeeding of infants, which is convenient and fast to use.

What are the commonly used breast pumps?

1. Manual breast pump

Manual breast pump requires the mother to press the handle manually, so as to suck milk into the container by producing pressure difference. The manual breast pump is compact, portable, and suitable for travel. The disadvantage is that the suction strength is small and the mother’s arm will become tired and numb after long time operation.

2. Electric breast pump

There are two kinds of electric breast pumps, including rechargeable and plug-in power supply. When sucking milk, mother can change the suction strength by shifting to different level of gear. It is easy to use and fast to suck milk. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to assemble, and the price is a little higher than the manual breast pump.

For the electric breast pump, it is better to choose the one with rechargeable feature, which is convenient for ourside use. 

Pay attention to these points in selecting a breast pump

1. Cushion design

 Breast pump cushion is designed to simulate infants’ breastfeeding. Breast suction can be easily obtained without pain.

2. Simple design and easy to carry

The design of a breast pump should be simple and easy to clean. Mothers always go out with a breast pump for its portability.

3. Suction strength can be controlled

A manual breast pump can generally meet this need. Mother can adjust the strength and speed of pressing handle according to her own feeling. For an electric breast pump, it is suggested to choose the one with a different level of sucking function.

4. Portability

Milk breast pumps are mostly used when working or going out, so the size of breast pumps should be small and easy to carry.

5. Mute Function

It’s important to be mute when using the breast pump, whether it’s electric or manual. It can avoid many embarrassing things when you  have to use the breast pump at workplace or outside.

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Besides, there are 16 levels adjustable with the memory function, which eliminates the troubles of resetting the pump. 

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