Why You Need a Hands Free Breast Pump Bra and How to Use It

Breast milk contains fat, protein, carbohydrates, and various kinds of minerals and vitamins. They are the most important nutrition source for newborns. Breastfeeding also offers health benefits to mothers by assisting the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy size. Despite knowing the advantages of breastfeeding, some mothers could not impose certain inevitable circumstances. Then the breast pump appeared. After this innovative equipment becomes popular, the breastfeeding pumping bra is produced to assist breast pumps, making breastfeeding simply, easy and enjoyable. This article will provide an analysis of why you need a hands free breast pump bra.    

  • A hands free breast pump bra works perfectly with the breast pump.  

Breasts will get bigger during the breastfeeding period because of engorgement. Compared with an ordinary bra, a hands free breast pump bra has a different structure that is more suitable for nursing mothers, particularly those who use breast pumps. Putting the breast pump inside an ordinary bra is hard but easy for a breastfeeding pumping bra. The side-opening design is for connecting the breast pump. It can support the breast flanges easily.  

  • A hands free breast pump bra can increase working efficiency.

Most nursing mothers still need to deal with hard works when they are back in the office during the suckling period. To handle both works and breastfeeding, they choose to use the breast pump in the office. Usually, they need twenty to forty minutes to use the breast pump. At this time, a hands free breast pump bra is the top choice for them to make good use of time. There is no need to hold the breast pump anymore since a hands-free breast pump bra can easily shore up the breast flanges, even the whole portable breast pump. Working mothers can go on their work by typing or making calls.  

  • A hands free breast pump bra helps to relieve tiredness.

One of the most important functions of a breast pump bra is to relieve nursing mothers' tiredness. Hormonal changes occur in nursing mothers. And as the breasts become larger, the pressure on the lower back also becomes greater. A scientific racerback design of the Momcozy Racerback Pumping Bra contributes to supporting the breasts and relieving tiredness. The adjustable wider shoulder straps provide enough adjustment for pumping. Like wearing a comfy sports bra, the wide no back closure design would not stress the back. 


  • A hands free breast pump bra provides more privacy.

Although lots of working mothers would like to use the breast pumps while they go back to the office, not all the companies will offer them the special room for pumping. So working mothers also pay attention to privacy while using a breast pump. No need to get off the whole bra; Momcozy Racerback Pumping Bra has a side opening design that is easy to use and can protect your privacy well. 

Momcozy racerback pumping bra is designed to be the best pumping bra, aiming to offer nursing mothers comfort and convenience during breastfeeding. Here, let's follow the steps of using Momcozy hands free breast pump bra:

  • Step One: Put on the Momcozy racerback pumping bra, adjust the shoulder straps to the suitable position.
  • Step Two: Insert a breast shield on each breast of the Momcozy racerback pumping bra.
  • Step Three: Connect the collector cups with the breast pump.  

Momcozy Breast Pump and Its Advantages:

Along with a hand free breast pumping bra, Momcozy also provides many splendid breast pumps. Momcozy Double Electric Portable Rechargeable Breast Pump is the best choice for working mothers. Double cups design works more effectively in pumping. Some advantages of Momcozy Double Breast Electric Portable Rechargeable Breast Pump are listed:

  1.  Food grade material: all pumping and feeding parts of the breast pump are skin-friendly and made of food-grade silicone. BPA-free milk bottles are safe for infants. 
  2.  Low noise: working noise is less than 50dB. Low noise would not disturb the baby.
  3.  Two modes and nine suction levels: there are massage and pumping mode. Nine suction levels from weak to strong, nursing mothers can choose the suitable mode and suction levels they need.  
  4.  Memory and timer functions: users do not need to reset the mode when restarting the device next time, which is more convenient.  


Established in 2017, Momcozy has devoted itself to offering quality products to mothers and babies worldwide. Our mom care products include nursing and pumping bra, breast pump, pregnancy pillow, and pregnancy panties. "Cozy design, born to love," we hope to serve more mothers with more meaningful design and comfortable quality products.  

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