Top 5 Advantages of Momcozy Breastfeeding Pumping Bra

 After choosing breast milk, no matter breastfeeding or pumping, preparing a breastfeeding pumping bra is needed. Postpartum breast care is so important but always be overlooked. Nursing mothers should choose a comfortable breastfeeding pumping bra instead of a regular bra to avoid nipple soreness, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis. So how to choose a suitable breastfeeding pumping bra? Let’s check how they work first.  

How does a nursing bra work?

A nursing bra is specially designed for nursing mothers who can feed babies comfortably without removing the bra. A nursing bra typically has flaps or panels that can be folded down or to the side to provide quick and easy access for the breastfeeding infant, which can be operated with one hand.  

There are various opening styles of the nursing bra in the market, including squeeze, clasps, and hooks. And most cup flaps nursing bras allow mothers to pull down the cup and facilitate access to the nipple simply and quickly.  

How does a pumping bra work?

A pumping bra is specially designed to be used as a hands free breast pump bra. After a pumping bra is worn, breast pump flanges can be kept in place while using a breast pump. Then mothers can free up hands to do other works rather than holding the breast pump and sitting and waiting.

Most pumping bras are made with “X” structures that users can wear the breast pump flanges inside. This opening style not only facilitates the flanges placing but also offers the breast pump enough holding power.

Choosing a functional breastfeeding pumping bra is essential to help the mother feel comfortable nursing or pumping in various circumstances. Momcozy dedicates to designing and producing the most suitable and comfortable mom care products. There is a strong recommendation for Momcozy racerback pumping bra. 

  • Combine both Pumping and Nursing Functions

As a new design breastfeeding pumping bra, Momcozy racerback pumping bra combines the functions of pumping and nursing. There is a detachable clip on each side of the bra, so nursing mothers can easily separate nursing clips and start breasting feeding. At the same time, the side opening design of the fabric on the bra cup is to access the flanges of the breast pump; then, it becomes the best pumping bra. One bra two usages, this is the perfect choice for mothers in lactation.

  • Comfortable Racer Design

A suitable breastfeeding pumping bra should have strong and undercup support, especially an extra-wide back for optimal support. Momcozy racerback Pumping Bra has a convenient pullover racerback design, which would not tighten the breasts and back but can effectively support the enlarged breasts due to the rising breast.

  • Adjustable Wider Shoulder Straps & Detachable Clips

In the nursery period, mothers’ breast size is changeable for the filling with milk. When the mother wears a too-tight bra, her milk supply may reduce, and some serious situations might occur. Such as milk ducts are plugged and mastitis. Nursing mothers can adjust the wider shoulder straps depending on their needs. The detachable clips of breastfeeding pumping bra help protect privacy.

  • High Quality Material

Stretchy and absorbent is the basic fabric requirement of a breastfeeding pumping bra. Momcozy racerback pumping bra is made of comfortable and soft material of cotton and spandex. This soft-cup bra can stretch to accommodate changes in breast size and would not bind the breast in any way.

  • Cost Effective

Different from another regular nursing bra, the Momcozy racerback pumping bra also mixes the sport element. After satisfying the need for breasting and pumping, its racerback sports underwear design is also suitable for daily wearing. Nursing mothers wear this racerback breastfeeding and pumping bra to do some Yoga or stretching exercises instead of changing another sports bra. Using it for a nursing bra, for a pumping bra, and so for a sports bra, it is a highly cost-effective choice for mothers.


Since 2017, Momcozy has offered an overall series of mom and baby care products with humanized design and high-quality products to comfort all customers. The mom care products include nursing and pumping bra, breast pump, pregnancy pillow, and pregnancy panties. We hope the quality goods can satisfy every customer and let them feeling be loved.

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