7 Tips For Using Your Breast Pump

The experience of using a breast pump varies from woman to woman. While some women tend to pump several times a day, others keep it to a minimum. There’s no telling the exact thing that you’re required to do as situations vary from person to person. However, there are some tips that you can implement to make sure that you’re effectively pumping milk for your baby. 

1. Invest in good breast pumps

You will need to make sure that you’re prepared and that you have the right breast pump to accompany you on your journey. Investing in a decent breast pump can surely make your life easier. It will give you the right result and you’ll have relatively fewer problems in trying to understand how it works. Pairing your pumping sessions up with hand expression can help you pump better. 

2. Maintain a stock

Now, this doesn’t mean that you go in a pumping frenzy. What it means is that you make sure that you have enough stock of milk for your baby for several weeks. Don’t worry about “running out” because your body will replace the milk that you pump out. So, pump enough to meet your baby’s demands and stock up to make life easier for you. 

3. Establish a routine

Set a particular schedule for yourself when it comes to using your breast pump. This way your body will adjust to the timing and prepare itself for the procedure that follows. Do a series of activities like drinking water and taking a look at your baby’s picture to get things going. 

4. Get comfortable

You won’t be able to get your pumping going if you don’t get comfortable. Keep in mind that your body will only work that way you want it to when you’re comfortable and not too overly tensed. Find a cozy spot and relax as you pump. Don’t forget to lean forward a little as it helps!

5. Pump both breasts simultaneously

Pumping one breast while leaving the other out will only make things a little messy. You must have noticed that when you’re pumping only one breast the other leaks out a little. Avoid this and make sure that you’re either breastfeeding from the other breast or pumping both breasts simultaneously. 

6. Don’t skip the massages

Breast massages help a lot when it comes to milk production. Make sure not to skip this step as it is considered extremely important. Actively giving your breasts a massage will improve your milk production and ease the breast pumping process as well. 
 momcozy hands free pumping bra

7. Invest in a hands-free pumping bra

A great invention for mothers is the hands-free pumping bra. It’s effective as it doesn’t tire your hands and makes sure pumping sessions much easier! If you’re looking for a great one, then Momcozy hands-free pumping bra can be your savior as it helps your pumping sessions become easier. 

As you start out using a breast pump, make sure you’re following these tricks to ease your time. You’re surely going to see that implementing these tips and tricks makes your pumping session a much better experience.
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