Precautions for Using a Momcozy Wearable Pump and How to Clean It ?

Jun 2, 2021 |Breastfeeding
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As the name implies, the breast pump is a product used by the mother to suck the milk. There are so many brands of breast pumps on the market, and the price of each brand has a very big difference. Compared with the ordinary breast pump, Momcozy milk pump is a high-quality product, the following small series will briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of the Momcozy milk pump for your reference!

First, the precautions for using Momcozy milk pump
1.When the baby is drinking breast milk, the breasts and the milk are not all cleaned. In this case, the breast milk must be used to absorb the remaining milk.

2.Baby is too small, strength, small body weakness cannot absorb the nipple, this time you can use the breast pump.

3.For the mother of the office worker, when the baby is not ready to be fed to the baby, the breast milk must be sucked out by the breast pump when it overflows.

4.Under normal circumstances, due to breastfeeding reasons, the mother’s nipple will be damaged or chapped and not directly breastfeeding, so this time you must use a breast pump.

5.The general feeding mother, taking some drugs that may be harmful to the baby, should immediately end the breastfeeding, this time must use the breast pump to suck out the milk on time.

Second, how to clean the Momcozy breast pump
1.Clean the horn: Take the container filled with the warm water horn and put it into the immersion. It can also be cleaned with a special cleaning agent. The cleaning can be easily disinfected. However, it should be noted that high temperature sterilization will result in the use of the horn cover.

2.Hose cleaning:

1) Take out the tube and pour some warm water into the cup. Then the tube is inserted into the water and the other side is contained in the mouth. Repeat the water absorption several times, the hose can be cleaned during the water level rise and fall, and finally the drying is completed.

2) Insert the tube into the warm water, remember that the water temperature should not be too hot, connect the breast pump on the other side, then open the rear cover of the breast pump and take out the battery. The breast pump is placed flat on the table, and a towel with good water absorption is placed underneath. Connect the power of the breast pump, press the suck button, and pump the water through the hose to clean the effect. Then turn off the machine, remove the tube and dry it.

3.The bottle is connected to the elbow cleaning:
Soak in the warm water. Then use a cotton swab to wash items that can touch various locations. Be careful not to put it in a high-temperature disinfection pot, or it will affect the use time of the plastic parts.

4.The body is clean:
When cleaning the body, you can use a semi-dry towel to wipe the appearance and the rear compartment, you can remind everyone not to put it in the disinfection pot.
Summary: The above-mentioned small series of notes on the use of Momcozy breast pump and how to clean the whole contents of the Momcozy breast pump, I hope to help everyone! After reading, have a deeper understanding, This type of breast pump is not cheap, so be careful when using it.

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