A woman experiences many physiological changes during pregnancy; one of these is the growth of the breasts. The size of the growing breast is one or two cups bigger than before, and potentially more. And after a baby is born and the lactation begins, a mother’s breasts keep filling with milk, and the size of breasts changes moment by moment. 

At this time, mothers need nursing bras rather than ordinary bras. A wireless nursing bra can meet the requirement of comforting nursing mothers. These are the reasons:

  • A wireless nursing bra adapts to changing body shape during lactation.

The ordinary bras for daily use are close-fitting, and even some tighten to highlight women’s bodies. Compared with an ordinary bra, the wireless nursing bra is typically designed to comfort mothers. It satisfies the nursing mother no matter from its material but also the shape of cups. 

Wire-free and non-slip designs make it very soft. Wearing an ordinary bra that is tight or with an underwire may restrict the flow of milk and cause mastitis. On the contrary, a wireless supportive nursing bra is made of soft, stretchy, and absorbent fabric, which can stretch to accommodate changes in breast size.

  • A wireless nursing bra is convenient for breastfeeding.

Except for the material, the structure of a wireless nursing bra differs from an ordinary bra. Nursing mothers need to take off the ordinary bra to feed infants. But a wireless nursing bra has foldable panels that can be folded down to the side with one hand; mothers can feed babies directly. Due to clips connecting foldable panels and shoulder straps, wireless nursing bra avoids the troubles of removing the bra when nursing—saving time and omitting messy steps, so it is more convenient.

  • A wireless nursing bra has a more scientific shape design.

A nursing bra has a stronger side and wider back design than an ordinary bra. Nursing mothers are easily feeling tired because of the burden of growing breasts and holding babies. A bra with narrow shoulder straps might screw the muscles of the shoulders and back. But a wireless nursing bra has a more scientific shape design due to its wireless design and stretchy fabric. It gives impeccable support to the breasts without the stress from the underwire. And the soft bra fabric cares for the skin every moment.

  • A wireless nursing bra can be used as a maternity sleep bra or night nursing bra.

Mothers will lactate irregularly during breastfeeding. The wireless nursing bra is comfortable and soft enough to be worn at night. It can prevent the milk from wetting the clothes and play a certain role in supporting the breasts. But if wearing ordinary bras, mothers’ breasts would be easily hurt by tight bras at night.

Compared with an ordinary bra, you will find the necessity of using a wireless nursing bra during pregnancy and lactation periods. As a professional manufacturer of mum cares products, Momcozy has a full series of supportive breastfeeding bra to comfort mothers. 

Momcozy seamless wireless nursing bra can meet your wearing requirement day and night. 

It is soft, seamless, and wire-free for added comfort. Its stretchy fabric hugs changing shapes. Mom's breasts will grow during the lactation, so the chest width does. The full drop-away bra cup design of Momcozy Wirefree Support Nursing Maternity Bra maximum contacts every inch of your skin. Elastic fabric will stretch with your body's changes without stressing your chest or your back, but it gives enough support to your breast.

With a breathable mesh neckline with a lower-cut accent, Momcozy nursing and maternity bra is also suitable for daily wear, shopping, and working. Three soft colors can meet your clothe's matching. At night, you can wear it as a maternity sleep bra or a night nursing bra. This skin-friendly nursing and maternity bra care for you day and night. 

We are a professional manufacturer of mother and baby care products with a design concept of making users cozy and comfortable. Our products earn good reviews among consumers for humanized design and strict quality control as a newborn brand. Momcozy is keenly aware of the meaning of being a mother and keeps offering mothers and babies more quality products. Choose Momcozy, choose love to care about babies and yourself.

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