Pregnancy is a beautiful occurrence in a woman's life with the pregnancy glow to prove it, but there is one thing that isn't that wonderful during pregnancy, and that is sleepless nights. When a woman is pregnant, many of her actions will be changed by the fetus, including her sleeping position. As the fetus grows up day by day, the fetus oppresses the body, and the mother's sleep will become worse. The mother needs to constantly adjust her sleeping position to get the most comfortable feeling. One common complaint many expecting mothers have is the uncomfortable sleep and broken sleep patterns throughout the night. Many will agree that the very best solution is a pregnancy support pillow to help support a restful night as well as support a growing pregnancy belly.

Why do you need a pregnancy support pillow during pregnancy? 

A pregnancy must-have is definitely a pregnancy support pillow. A pregnancy support pillow will help ease, support, balance, and reduce back pain caused by the extra weight of the pregnancy belly. The reduction of leg cramps and leg discomfort from muscle tension and water retention can be alleviated with the use of a pregnancy support pillow. A pregnancy sleeping pillow will also help lessen breathing problems by providing the individual support your upper and lower body needs. A pregnancy support pillow also provides a sense of emotional support as the pregnant mother holds and hugs the pillow throughout the night resulting in better peaceful sleep. 

When should you start using a pregnancy support pillow?

The sooner, the better is the best tip for when a pregnant woman should use a pregnancy support pillow. A woman's body begins to change shortly after conception and even before the pregnancy's belly is prominent. Pregnancy hormones will affect every part of a woman's body, especially during the mid and last months, so it's vital that a pregnant woman has a pregnancy support pillow within reach as soon as possible. A pregnancy sleeping pillow is probably the best maternity gift to give a pregnant mom on her baby shower – she'll be grateful and thank you later.

How to use a pregnancy support pillow?

There is no one fixed way to use a pregnancy support pillow, and it all depends on the pregnant woman's needs. To help alleviate back pain, gently place the pregnancy support pillow underneath the growing belly to take some weight off the back. To reduce back and neck pain and get easier breathing, lay on your back with the pregnancy support pillow elevating and supporting the upper body. For full-body comfort, then place the U-shaped pregnancy pillow between your legs and arms while the body comforts your back and neck. Always use the pregnancy support pillow for your own personal comfort and body. Once you find your preferred personal preference, you will be able to sleep through the night like a baby while supporting the baby in your belly. 

What to pay attention to when choosing a pregnancy support pillow? 

With so many pregnancy pillows on the market, how do you choose the right one? Let's be honest not all pregnancy pillows are equal. Some are cheaper priced because it's cheaply made with low-quality materials and craftmanship. Because you will use your pregnancy support pillow during your entire pregnancy and maybe even after, it is best to avoid the lower quality pregnancy support pillows. A high-quality pregnancy sleeping pillow makes a good investment, especially since you will use it nightly, and you will have a restful, peaceful sleep night after night, which is priceless. When ultimately choosing a pregnancy support pillow that you will love, choose one that has an ergonomic design, multi-purpose use, safe materials, soft but has enough cushion for support. Buying a mediocre pregnancy support pillow will give you mediocre nights of sleep but buying a high-quality pregnancy sleeping pillow will have you feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud every night. 

How does a Momcozy pregnancy support pillow benefit you during pregnancy?

A pregnancy support pillow that has received the Mom's Choice Awards and numerous positive five-star reviews from pregnant moms is the Momcozy pregnancy support pillow. The reason for such positive feedback is that the Momcozy U-shaped maternity pillow helps improve blood circulation throughout the night, releases uncomfortable body pressure, effectively relieves back pain and swelling of the legs. The Momcozy U-shaped pregnancy pillow has proven time after time the satisfaction in providing comfort, reducing pain, and assisting in a good night's sleep for every expecting mother. When it comes to the best choice in pregnancy support pillows, Momcozy is the number one choice when it comes to the overall wellness of pregnant women, and that's why we have received such great reviews and positive regards. 

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