How to Use Affordable Wearable Breast Pump?

Jul 1, 2022
M1 is an affordable wearable breast pump that uses a modern closed system. It is much smaller to be worn and reduces your visibility and burden.

What is a wearable breast pump?

The affordable wearable breast pump is a modern device that is completely changing the experience and method of pumping breast milk for your baby. It was a very difficult task when you’d have to sit down and wait at the wall for pumping the milk but now you can carry out multitasking like cleaning up from lunch or dinner while working on your laptop or changing your baby’s diaper.


Before you enter into the world of Momcozy wearable breast pumps, however, there’s some info about breast pumps you need to know. It will help you set your goals and get the results most out of your wearable breast pump.

If you’re thinking about buying a new affordable wearable breast pump or if you are already pumping with one and you are struggling with production or pumping method and you just have some questions about pumping affordable and wearable breast pump. Our comprehensive guide can help you in this situation. We will also discuss the pros and cons of our favorite wearable pumps if you’re ready to start reading.

Today Most wearable breast pumps allow you to move anywhere and anytime freely while pumping milk, but varying consequences are depending on which company or brand of wearable breast pump you’re dealing with.

Difference between wearable breast pumps and traditional pumps

Affordable wireless breast pump have many differences from old common and traditional pumps. Again, it will depend on which brand or company of pump you’re dealing with, and wearables breast pumps are noticeable when you’re using them.

Wearable breast pumps are a lot less noticeable than old common traditional pumps because of their small size and weight. In most cases, you can get your wearable breast pump from your bra without pulling up your shirt.

What is all-in-one wearable breast pump?

All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump - M1 is much smaller to be worn. It reduces your visibility and burden. It is available in 3 modes and bigger 9 intensities which can help the mother to pump more milk.

Some of the affordable wearable breast pump features are given below

  • Momcozy M1 breast pump uses a modern closed system.
  • This closed system keeps milk separate from the motor and pieces of a breast pump. Mothers do not need to worry about milk leakage while pumping milk.
  • This wearable breast pump is smaller in size and fits on the breast with less bulge and burden for better invisibility in your daily life
  • It is 2X more convenient and 2X less size.
  • A wearable breast pump enhances 3 modes and 9 intensities which brings more suction adjustment, to find the suitable force for both breasts.
  • Affordable wearable breast pump provides more let-down and less pain.
  • It is very quiet that it won’t attract notice from the public during the pumping period, while not waking up your babies in their sleepy time.

This pump is available in three sizes of flanges of 21mm/24mm/27mm, to solve the nipple and areola size problems well.

Contrary to what laymen on the subject can imagine, breastfeeding alone brings with it great challenges. Amidst everything else, the woman needs to learn to perform this activity, ensuring that the baby receives the necessary amount of milk and is healthy.

It turns out that each female organism is unique and, consequently, each one will face its adversities during the lactation phase. Some common issues are task overload; lack of information and support; emotional instability, including, in some cases, postpartum depression; physical pain; inverted nipple; and, finally, low milk production.

It is to assist in this last issue that there is the breast pump.

Who should do the affordable wearable breast pump?

It is relatively normal that breastfeeding is not fully efficient in feeding the baby, often due to insufficient milk production. The breast pump technique is an alternative for mothers with breastfeeding difficulties, in particular, who cannot get the necessary portion.

Some health conditions are directly associated with this low availability of milk. Examples of this picture are diabetic women with insulin dependence, obesity, and pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. Mothers who had breast reduction surgery and/or had a premature baby also fit into this profile.

According to professionals, mothers who have any of these circumstances can start the affordable wearable breast pump method from the beginning. If you do not find yourself in this group and develop difficulties, evaluate the reasons with the help of an expert, and only then seek the appropriate solution.

Other factors that can contribute to the insufficient production of liquid are:

  • troubled environment
  • little water intake
  • and incorrect latching
  • Not stimulating milk output correctly

However, for these cases, there may be simpler approaches, such as reviewing the breastfeeding method.  

Therefore, a woman who already meets this requirement should not start the breast pump method simply because she wants to increase the amount. If more milk is produced than the baby can consume, he may refuse the breast.

How does a breast pump work?

To understand how this feature works, it is important to remember that the mother's breast is not a store of milk. It is, in fact, a factory, which meets demand. In other words, as obvious as it is, the breast does not produce the liquid for anything, but only to fulfill the baby's requests.

The breast pump is nothing more than the simulation of the baby's suction, which stimulates milk production.

The procedure consists of the use of a breast-feeding pump to trigger an increase in the amount of liquid produced, in a milking rhythm, following a routine that presents significant results.

The method can be carried out using both manual and electric pumps. It's up to the mother's choice, according to her preference and the way she best adapts.

Therefore, a breast pump is an extremely important practice, as traditional breastfeeding creates an extremely strong bond between mother and baby, as well as is beneficial for the child's growth in general.

How to do an affordable breast pump?

There are countless ways, and each woman should analyze which is ideal for her case, if possible also asking for the opinion of a professional in the area.

However, there is a standardized scheme that is usually the most recommended and used. He establishes a plan that lasts for 1 hour. Check it out below:

  • 20 minutes of milking 
  • 10 minutes of rest
  • Similarly, ten minutes of milking
  • 10 minutes of rest
  • And ten minutes of milking

Despite the effectiveness of this scheme, not all women have enough time to perform it, either because of their busy daily life at home or because they are already in the return to work phase. Thus, there are also shorter-term alternatives, which can be done even at intervals in the service. See the example:

  • 10 minutes of milking
  • Moreover, ten minutes of rest
  • 10 minutes of milking

Once again: each body is unique and adapts in a specific way, in addition to the external factors involved. It is up to each one to analyze the options and try to fit the chosen one into their routine. It is important to try to at least do the practice several times a day. 

For the one-hour schedule, it is recommended to run three or four times in 24 hours. The 30-minute can be done whenever the mother has time and energy. In addition, it is essential to wait at least 5 or 7 days to see clear results in increased production, as the effect is not immediate.

Tips for performing the breast pump

With a view to better results and procedures, women can pay attention to some tips for performing the breast pump.

Check your stuff

It is essential to check the affordable wearable breast pump used, that is, to ensure that it has good adhesion and effectiveness. The part of the object where the nipple fits must not be too loose or too tight; therefore, check the size. Also note possible indications that the utensil is old, such as fungus inside or malfunctioning.

Choose the ideal moments

Do not practice breast pump in times of stress. Look for a quiet environment and a good break where you can dedicate yourself to the activity. If the woman opts for the 1-hour duration schedule, for example, she should check whether it is necessary to interrupt the procedure, either to breastfeed the baby or perform another task.

Wait a few days to see the result.

As stated earlier, it is important to wait a few days to see any results of increased milk production. Many women try it for just two days and when they don't see clear changes, they despair and abandon the method. 

Don't give up before trying for at least five days, and if possible, perform the breast pump two to four times daily. 


The best-expected result from using the affordable wearable breast pump is a significant increase in milk production so that the baby does not need to be introduced to any food source other than breast milk.

Milk produced via a breast pump can be stored in a refrigerator and given to the baby as a supplement if needed rather than supplemented with formula milk. Another option is to freeze it to use on days when the mother does not have time or conditions to breastfeed. 

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