How to Select A Wearable Breast Pump

Whether you're making a beeline for work or taking off for a night out with friends, most new mothers at some point need a break from breastfeeding. Welcome to the world of wearable breast pumps!

If you think of this convenient tool only as a way to store your precious milk, however, the benefits are more than this. The wearable breast pump can likewise help keep up your milk supply, mild engorgement and make a backup stash for your refrigerator. Pumping may appear overwhelming from the outset (pumps and flanges and breast suction), and it may take longer than expected to learn how to use it. However, it's not difficult once you get its skill, and of course worth the effort! So let's dive deep into and learn more about the breast pumps!

The Types Of Breast Pumps And Their Applications

Usually, the breast pumps are divided into three types:

  1. Manual pumps

A manual breast pump relies on hand operation. Because it does not need a power source, and it is portable. The hand pump allows you to pump as much or as little as you like; however, it does need some expertise since you can adjust suction and pace. And some experts would not suggest using the manual pump because it is not easy to clean and dry, which is unhygienic.

  1. Battery-powered pumps 

If you need to pump once a day or less and do not want to utilize a manual pump, a battery-powered pump may be a viable solution. Because they are often insufficient to promote milk production or sustain a milk supply, you will still need to feed your baby at the breast for the majority of feedings. Battery-powered pumps are often tiny, portable, and simple to use. 

  1. Electric pumps

An electric pump can provide the excellent results if you need to pump often. As the professional breastfeeding pump machine, usually they are more powerful. They may be utilized to establish, maintain, and grow your milk production. These pumps are the most efficient and may save you a lot of time, but they are also the most costly, bigger, and need a power supply. 

The Latest Version: Wearable Breast Pump!

Wearable breast pumps are among the most recent pumps on the market. Electric breast pumps inside your bra are known as wearable breast pumps.

When conventional electric pumps must be plugged in, wearable breast pumps are ideal for parents on the road or short on time because they are time-saving since they are designed to be used while multitasking. A wearable breast pump is suggested if you often need to work and pump simultaneously, wish to pump discreetly in public (such as at meetings), want subtlety while pumping, double pump (pumping both sides at the same time), and like to be hands-free.

Following are the benefits of using wearable electric breast pump compared with other types:

  • Compared with manual pumps, wearable electric breast pumps are easy to use and high effective.
  • Compared with battery-powered pumps, wearable electric breast pumps do not have space or time limitations.
  • Compared with traditional electric pumps, wearable electric breast pumps are portable and convenient. 

How To Select A Wearable Breast Pump?

It would be wise actually to compare breast pumps before buying one. However, you may use the following factors in comparing breast pumps.

Suitable Size— The flanges must fit very well to one's breasts and nipples to avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain.

Practical Function— To make breastfeeding easier, choose a portable breast pump, easy to assemble and not noisy.

High Efficiency— The efficiency of a breast pump may be judged by how much milk it produces in the shortest length of time. It may be determined by the breast pump's speed and suction intensity. 

Competitive Price— Electric or Wearable breast pumps are more expensive than manual pumps but less expensive than formula milk. With an electric or wearable breast pump, you can pump more milk in less time and with less effort. 

Our Recommendation: Momcozy S12 Wearable Electric Breast Pump 

Momcozy wearable electric breastfeeding pump may be placed in the nursing bra, allowing you to pump milk whenever and wherever you want, mainly when doing chores. The wireless breast pump will enable you to multitask while pumping milk. Furthermore, the wearable electric breast pump comprises food-grade PP and silicone materials with BPA-free contents, ensuring a safe pumping and eating experience for you and your baby.


Momcozy always focuses on the feeling of moms and babies, committing to offering comfortable and beautiful care products. Momcozy is here to help you choose the finest wearable electric breast pump any breastfeeding pumping machine! You may look around and discover the best solution for you.

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