How to Buy a Breast Pump Guaranteed to Suck Up to You

The breast pump might be on the top of your to-do list when you are pregnant. But choosing a breast pump is very important, but it is often very confusing to know how to buy the best breast pump. The needs of every woman are different. In this article, we will discuss everything about the breast pump that helps you make an informed decision that suits your needs too.

Things to consider before buying a breast pump
Here are some things that you need to consider before buying a good breast pump.

Why do you need a breast pump?

First of all, see you lactation consultant and health care provider to determine why you need to use a manual or electric breast pump. According to experts, your individual station is considered as the best type of pump. Your midwife or lactation consultant can also help using it; give instruction when to pump and more.

Types of breast pump

As you are going to buy a breast pump, you must know its types. Choose the one that suits your needs.
    • Manual: Manual breast pump creates suction when you operate it with your hand. You can obtain the same amount of milk as you would obtain using the electric pump. But it is labor intensive and takes more time. Your hands may get tired. A manual pump is portable because they don’t require a power source.
    • Hospital-grade: The hospital-grade breast pumps are multiuser. They are usually used in the hospitals for the new mothers whose babies are in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). These breast pumps are more efficient and bigger motor.
    • Electric:If speed is important for you, then the electric breast pump is for you. It comes with battery power, and you can use them outside of the house. There is also a hands-free breast pump that helps you do multitasking. The manual pump is slower, but an electric pump like the best wearable breast pump is efficient and faster. You don’t require continual pressing for expressing milk. 

        Pumping time

        Pumping time is also another factor when it comes to buying a breast pump. How many times do you express milk in a week using a pump? It rapidly adds up! Electric pumps are more efficient, and double electric pumps allow you to express milk from both breasts at a time. The manual pump is slower while double electric pump cut your pumping time in half.

        Frequency of use

        Will you use a breast pump regularly or occasionally? Different types of breast pumps are designed for different needs and usage. The wrong type of pump can make the pumping process less effective and a bit difficult. For instance, if you use a manual breast pump, it will take more time to pump and undue stress on your wrists and nipples.

        Suction and speed control

        There are a lot of brands that offer breast pumps, but some pumps come with fixed control settings. But brands like Momcozy offer more flexibility to adjust the control to find the good level for optimal breast milk expression. If you choose a pump that has limited control settings, then it may take more pumping time and express less milk.

        Quality versus price

        Like other things, you pay for service or quality. Buying a cheap breast pump has the bad motor quality and less effective design. So, it will be uncomfortable, slow and express painful less amount of milk. If you are looking for the fast pump that does job well, then choose the comfortable and effective breast pump.

        Product support & warranties

        The last thing you need when you buy a breast pump is the technical issue that ends up headache. That’s why you need help to fix your issue fast and get back to your pumping routine. So when you are going to buy a pump, choose the brand that offers after-sale warranty assistance and product support. 

        BPA Free

        Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastic that can cause health problems. BPA is a chemical that disrupts hormone. Now many brands are manufacturing products without BPA component, but some pump brand includes them. It is important to choose the breast pump that is BPA free.

        Momcozy’s hands-free breast pump is BPA free pump, and you can choose it if BPA free is important to you.

        Nipple size

        Nipple size is probably something that most women don’t consider. But it is essential to use the right-sized breast flange or shield for your nipple size.

        The breast shield stimulates the area for efficient milk expression. If it is too small (even millimetres) or too large, you will feel pain while pumping. Moreover, pumping will be less effective, and a lower amount of milk will be expressed. Commonly, the pumps have the standard sized breast flange that can fit the average nipple size.

        Although, not all breast pumps that are available in the market have the average size. But it is difficult to know which breast shield will fit into your nipple size correctly before buying it. So check the product before choosing it or check if some brands are offering custom-sized breast flange or shield.

        Cleaning options

        Cleaning option is another thing you must consider before purchasing a breast pump. Most breast pumps, either manual or electric, have easy cleaning options. Even you can re-assemble them easily. You can wash them in hot soapy water and let it dry in air for some time is an easy way to clean it. However, you can clean them in a variety of ways including dishwasher, boiling, microwave steam sterilizing and plug-in sterilizers. Check if the pumping brands you are considering for purchase, they will allow you these cleaning methods. Remember to follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer because incorrect cleaning ways can damage to your breast pump.

        Availability of spare parts

        Are spare parts of breast pump available? If one of your pump parts is damaged or lost, your pump will be useless if the brand will not offer spare parts. So it is important to check if the brand you are considering buying the pump does have its spare parts that are readily available if needed. 

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