How A Lactation Massager Helps You During Lactation

While people frequently speak about the advantages of breast milk and how beneficial it is for women to give their newborns this miracle food, and they often overlook that nursing has its challenges. Don't you think so?

You may have clogged ducts, milk production difficulties (either too much or too little), engorgement, and latch or placement concerns in the early weeks and months of breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to all of those possible nursing snafus—but there is one tool that might assist with a few of them: a lactation massager

A breastfeeding massager is a valuable tool for improving milk flow, increasing milk production, reducing engorgement, and clearing blocked ducts.

The Necessity of Breast Massage During Lactation

Apart from choosing suitable bras, proper breast massage is beneficial. By breaking up the milk in the affected area of the breast, rubbing a blocked duct or another hardened section of the breast may ease discomfort and assist in dislodging the blockage.

But breast massage benefits are more than just that: it can boost milk production, aid in the overall "transfer" of milk (i.e., getting milk from your breast to your baby), and provide a much-needed uplift for moms who pump their breast milk, according to Amelia Henning, a certified nurse-midwife and lactation specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

How Lactation Massagers Help Nursing Mothers

The dilemma is that no one teaches you how to massage the breasts properly, and it might be exhausting for your hands.

But don't fret anymore! The Momcozy lactation massager takes the guesswork out of it and guarantees your baby gets the most satisfactory nourishment possible. There is no doubt that a game-changer for nursing mothers. 

Here are some benefits of a breastfeeding massager.

  • Improve the breast milk flow
  • Easier than hand massage
  • Aid in faster milk letdown
  • Help boost milk supply and pumping output 
  • Better latching by softening your breast

The Features of Momcozy Lactation Massager

As a nursing mother, getting a good flow is crucial. The Momcozy lactation massager helps you keep your flow going by providing:

  • Multiple Modes & Intensity Settings
  • The Momcozy lactation massager has three vibration modes and several intensity levels to aid breastfeeding women suffering from blocked ducts. The pain relief is facilitated by unblocking the milk ducts.

  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • This massager is Magnetic USB rechargeable, has strong magnetic adsorption, and has a one-handed operation. It comes with a travel bag for on-the-go moments.

  • Designed for Comfort
  • Momcozy lactation massager was designed for nursing mothers' comfort. It helps to remove blocked ducts to speed up milk drainage and milk flow, reducing discomfort caused by engorgement. So, it is certain that the lactation massager will be recommended to relieve nursing mothers’ pain caused by blocked milk ducts.

  • Is it Waterproof? GENIUS!
  • The great waterproof design allows using in the shower, giving nursing moms the freedom to use the product whenever it's needed.

  • Stimulates for Feeding
  • The Momcozy breast massager successfully prepares and stimulates the breast for feeding so that you can have a successful milk output.

  • Strengthen Letdown
  • Gentle use of our breast massager can help create a stronger letdown reflex by stimulating the breast and nipple nerves.

    The Creative Concept of Momcozy 

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    Conclusion: Happiness for the boobs, mom, and baby!

    At long last, the Momcozy lactation massager will make your nursing practice more enjoyable. Remove blocked ducts, increase milk letdown and flow, and relieve engorgement pain—this way, you'll be able to concentrate on your fantastic relationship with your baby.

    If you are looking to buy the lactation massager, Momcozy is here for you! You can browse and find the right option here.

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