Four Ways to Increase Breast Milk by Handless Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is an integral part of your newborn's life. It provides emotional and nutritional dependency of the baby to the mother and creates a powerful bond between the two. Breast milk benefits the newborn a lot. Mothers always consider their lactation yield the most important during this periodThe lactation yield is the amount of milk a mother makes during a day or more. And as much as a mother might want to feed their child through breastfeeding, sometimes their lactation yield is not enough for the baby. So mothers try every way to increase breast milk, including using a handless breast pump.

The Necessity to Increase Brest Milk by Handless Breast Pump

The breast pump is modeled on a child's sucking pattern and can be used by breastfeeding mothers to maintain the frequency of sucking and increase lactation. The handless breast pump is easier to operate than the manual one, and suction is more effective. To increase the milk flow, kindly follow these four tips.

Four Ways to Increase Breast Milk by Handless Breast Pump

  • Pumping Frequently

Usually, you should pump every three to four hours. Then, using an electric wearable breast pump, you should spend about fifteen to twenty minutes pumping every time. Some women might need to use the wearable breast pump for about thirty minutes in the early days of the suckling period.

  • Pumping After Nursing

If you're trying to build up a breast milk supply for your newborn, you need to pump in between nursing sessions. Similarly, if you are a working woman and you pump to replace the feedings you are missing, try to pump at the same schedule as your baby's nursing sessions back at home. So, you can keep your milk supply going strong and align it with your baby's demand.

  • Double Pumping

Active double pumping can lead to 18% more milk on average, and it takes only half as much time as pumping from a single breast turn by turn. Using a double handless breast pump makes the lactation yield better than other breast pumping equipment since the breasting mother can have a good rest and no need to hold the pump; what' more, it can finish the pump more effectively. 

  • Using Proper Equipment for Pumping

When breast pumping, make sure you are using the right equipment in good condition. Choosing the breast pump with a suitable size of the flange is necessary. Functional design and double pumps are ideal. Also, make sure that your breast pump is dry and clean before each pumping session and that some of the silicone parts of the breast pump need to be replaced if necessary. So the handless double breast pump by Momcozy is your best choice.

Advantages of Momcozy Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump

  • Convenience to Use

The S9 is a truly wearable and handless breast pump since it is no tube and no wire. The pump can be worn inside the nursing bra directly, and no need to hold it while pumping. So breast moms can pump in anywhere anytime.

  • Suitable Size

180ml bottle capacity is a suitable size. It allows the handless breast pump to fit into the nursing bra but is also the right size for breastfeeding mothers who do not need to collect breast milk several times. This small size fits directly into the handbag and is light to carry out.

  • Humanized Design

Aside from being extremely portable and easy to use, the Momcozy S9 is made from food-grade silicone and contains no substances that can harm the baby or mother. Instead, the milk flows into a spill-proof storage container where there is no need to worry about potential chemicals going into the mother's breastmilk.

  • Multiple Functions

The practical message and action modes allow breastfeeding mothers to choose the right function and level. Intelligent automatic shut-off time to avoid prolonged pumping.


Momcozy Products Help Increase Lactation Yield 

Hormones that are more active during the day regulate the milk supply so that most women have a high volume of milk in the mornings. Before your baby wakes up in the morning, make sure to pump. If that doesn't happen, make sure to pump shortly after nursing. Over time your body will start regulating and supplying more milk during the extra pumping session.

Additionally, mothers can use the Momcozy lactation massager with the handless breast pump. It is a must-have tool for a mother who is breast pumping and nursing her baby. Vibration and heat make your nursing and pumping experience better. The breast massager is made up of medical-grade silicon and warms up to help in improving the milk flow, clogged duct prevention, and quicker pumping sessions. It is fully customizable to the mother's needs and can be set to three modes. An additional setting allows you to use both heat and vibration together and separately.

Momcozy, Your Best Companion During Breastfeeding

Our brand aims to provide our customers with the best quality at the best rates. Baby-friendly materials are used to manufacture all our products. We keep you and your baby's health our highest priority which is why we thoroughly check each product so that the baby and the mother can use them with ease and comfort. Any woman going through pregnancy craves comfort and relaxation. To this end, Momcozy provides expecting and new mothers with soft, comfortable, and relaxing products.

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