Do Breastfeeding Massagers Help?

Do Breastfeeding Massagers Help?

Being a mother is one of life's wonderful journeys. Nonetheless, the breastfeeding experience may not be one of them because there will be breastfeeding challenges and problems. Insufficient breast milk supply and incomplete emptying of breasts which is the culprit of congestion, blocked ducts, and mastitis, are the two most common breastfeeding problems.

Nursing mothers who have experienced severe pain from a blocked milk duct will tell you that they will do anything to relieve the pain. Fortunately, a simple and efficient solution for these challenges is breast massage. Many studies have found that breast massage can increase milk output, relieve blocked ducts, reduce breastfeeding pain and breast swelling, and even improve milk quality.

However, you may not know how to perform a breastfeeding massage effectively, and your hands may get tired if rendering massages for a long period, especially ensuing the whole day of tending the baby. Fortunately, a breastfeeding massager can help you with both of these problems.

Today, we will mainly talk about why nursing moms need breastfeeding massagers, and how to use massagers. Let’s begin!

What is a breastfeeding massager

A breastfeeding massager is a tool that allows nursing mothers to use different vibration patterns on their breast to help to improve breast milk or reduce breastfeeding pain, especially the gentle vibration effectively targets for blocked ducts, congestion and mastitis, which ranks the breastfeeding massager the first saver for nursing moms.

Every mother has different needs, so it isn't easy to find a breastfeeding massager that can meet the needs of different mothers. Fortunately, Momcozy Warm and Vibrating Lactation Massager can solve this problem.

Momcozy has raised vibration patterns to 6 vibration patterns: Based on 2 vibration modes (continuous vibration and pulse vibration), each mode has 3 vibration intensities. Under such a design, mothers can find the most suitable mode for themselves.

Why need a breastfeeding massager

  • Make latching easier 
  • Any mom with lactation experience knows that a good latch is critical to breastfeeding. Depressingly, a good latch cooperation between newbie moms and babies is always tough, especially in the early few weeks of breastfeeding.

    Worse, congestion makes latching more difficult because it will swell, harden, and flatten the nipples in the breast tissue. For example, when the breast is too firm, it's difficult for the baby to latch on the nipple. Under this situation, a breastfeeding massager is a solution to help loosen your breasts and make sure your baby latches on more easily.

  • Improve lactation letdown
  • Many mothers have experienced a slow breastfeeding letdown during lactation. If the breastfeeding letdown continues for a prolonged period, the baby will feel depressed. Using a breastfeeding massager can stimulate the milk ducts to speed up breast milk production.

  • Release oxytocin
  • Oxytocin is a hormone that causes the glands in the breast to contract and fill the milk ducts with breast milk. This hormone also helps build a bond between you and your baby. Additionally, oxytocin causes your uterus to contract, helping your body return to the pre-pregnancy state.

    Using a breastfeeding massager can help increase oxytocin release by stimulating your breasts. Use the massager before, during, and after breastfeeding or pumping to maximize results.  

  • Alleviate low breast milk supply
  • Being able to meet your baby's nutritional needs through breastfeeding is important to a mother. Hence, when the breast milk supply is low, it can make every mom feel depressed and anxious. Breastfeeding massagers can help you empty breasts effectively to increase milk production. 

    A study published in the journal North American Nursing Clinics divided 60 nursing mothers into two groups and found that babies in the massage group consumed an average of 4.5 ounces more milk per day than the other group.

  • Improve the quality of breast milk
  • A study of breastfeeding mothers found that mothers who received a 30-minute lactation massage twice a day, were with a lower sodium level in their breast milk. In addition, lipids, solids, total energy, and casein levels, except lactose content remains the same, also increased. Overall, breast milk quality is much higher to raise a stronger and healthier baby.

  • Prevent and treat clogged milk ducts efficiently 
  • A common problem is blocked milk ducts during breastfeeding, where the entire area around the milk ducts is swollen and inflamed. Additionally, blocked milk ducts can lead to mastitis, breast tissue infection, and the need for antibiotics. 

    The primary reason for blocked milk ducts is that the breast milk is not being effectively removed. A lactation massager can help empty your breast milk and is an excellent way to prevent blocked milk ducts. 

    Additionally, the Momcozy Warm and Vibrating Lactation Massager uses multiple vibration modes to gently and effectively break down blockages. You can choose the suitable vibration mode and use the narrow tip to locate and treat blockages precisely.

    How to use a breastfeeding massager

    1. Use the warming pad and rub the breast towards the nipple.
    2. Use the narrow part of the massager to massage the breast gently.
    3. Use the narrow tip of the massager and apply light pressure to the clogged ducts.
    4. Use the double tips of the massager and apply light pressure to the lactiferous ducts.
    5. Place the warming pad on different breast parts to encourage letdown and increase milk flow.

    Why choose Momcozy

    Momcozy offers you comfort and quality. We have been offering a full range of maternal and child care products worldwide for many years.

    The Momcozy Warm and Vibrating Breastfeeding Massager is designed to be used throughout your breastfeeding journey. With this breastfeeding massager, you don't need to worry about potential breastfeeding problems. 

    The massage pad includes three modes that can be used with vibration, heat or both, and can be fully customized to suit your needs. In addition, the massager is designed with soft medical-grade, BPA-free material. 

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