Best Wearable Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers

Pumping is not as easy as it sounds, but it can be a lot easier with the best wearable breast pumpThe right breast pump allows the mothers to be able to return their work after maternity leave, maintain healthy and constant milk production, and take much-needed breaks when their babies are not around whether they are breastfeeding continuously or not. It is a must-have accessory for all working moms out there. You have not plenty of options to choose from when you are going to buy wearable breast pump like other parental products. Let’s find out together the best wearable electric breast pump for working mom.

Things to consider when buying wearable electric Breast Pump for Working Moms

Are you returning to work after giving birth and hands-free breast pump is on the top of your shopping list? But what are the things that you should look for when choosing the wearable breast pump before returning to work?

Portability – For working mom, portability is the first factor that she should consider while choosing the breast pump. Choose the one that will run off the batteries.

Pump Strength – The pump should be stronger enough to pump enough milk in a short time.

Lightweight: Wearable electric breast pump should be light weighted that can’t be inconvenient.

Double Electric Pump – While you are on work, the double electric pump is the best choice. It will not only yield more milk but also save your time at work.

Accessories – The right accessories not only make your life a lot easier but also complement your breast pump. Choose the one that comes with accessories like a pump bag, extra pumping parts, cooler and others. It will ensure you a good pumping experience and save time.

Best Wearable Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers

Let’s look into the best wearable electric breast pumps that are perfect for your pumping journey while you are at work.

Willow wearable electric breast pump

The Willow is the wearable electric breast pump that allows the nursing mothers slip it into their bra and express milk while taking the conference calls, meeting up with their teams, responding to the important email or reading a document at office. This wearable breast pump allows you to express milk while you bend over or lie down. It comes with motor, milk collection bags that work separately in two pumps that the moms slip into their bra and over their breast. It also senses your milk ejection reflex or let-down and changes the phases from the stimulation phase to milk expression phase. It also offers an app that helps you track your pumping session.

Elvie wearable electric breast pump

If you are looking for the best portable wearable electric breast pump, then go for the Elvie. This is the most innovative breast pump that comes with two hubs features. It has the milk collection bag or container and motor in one unit that can be placed in your bra cups. As its name suggests, it is wearable breast pump, so it is not wireless, but it is tube free, that means you can do multitasking while you pump. Its noise level is so low so that you can express milk on the go without worry. People will never know what you are up to. You can even monitor the amount of milk you are expressing with the app.

Freemie Liberty

It is also categorized as the wearable breast pump, but it is different from the above two. It comes with two separate parts that are connected with the tubes. The level of discreetness can be minimized with the tubes, but they don’t decrease its usefulness. If you are on the go or at the workplace, you can easily tuck the tubes under the shirt and express the milk. The main benefit of its tube design is that it is compatible with the other pumps. Moreover, you can customize the size of the flange (15mm-26mm) with its soft fitmie inserts. It doesn’t come with milk storage bag, so you need to pump the breast milk directly into the reusable cups.

Momcozy wearable electric breast pump

Momcozy wearable electric breast pump is the perfect work companion for working mom. It is a great alley for those who have to head to work but maintain a healthy milk supply to offer their babies fresh breast milk nutrition. This Momcozy wearable breast pump has an innovative design that allows you to pump without fastening a lot of wires and tubes. The cups slip into the bra, and innovative black technology let you hand-free milk expression. Ah, freedom! It sounds fab, right? It is all in one system that is super easy and very comfortable.

With two breast pumping modes and 5 levels of adjustable intensity, you will get great pumping rhythm. The first mode is all about to stimulate lactation in which massage stimulate the areola and nipples of nursing mom that in turns promotes more milk secretion. On the other hand, in the second mode, which is breast pumping mode, breast milk flows out, and you can store it in the container. With this hands-free breast pumppumping will never be the same as you have experienced in the past.

 iAPOY Wearable Breast Pump

This is a new wearable hand-free breast pump in the market that comes with a double electric pump and cordless options. It is a less expensive option than others hand free breast pump. It is small in size that makes it a good choice for portability and convenient to use. However, most moms don’t find it comfortable when using it in public. However, it is easy to use, but its flanges are not adjustable for all kinds of nipple sizes. So some women may not get a good fit from this wearable electric breast pump. If it fits your nipple size, it is a great cost-effective option for the working moms.

Bottom Line

Who knew that working mom could respond to emails and pump gold liquid for her tot at the same time? But it is possible now with the wearable breast pump that makes the life of working mom a lot easier and helps them focus on their baby and job at the same time. We hope these 5 best wearable electric breast pump will be helpful in your pumping journey.

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