8 Tips on Using a breastfeeding pumping bra

Is it necessary to use a breastfeeding pumping bra during the lactation period? That's a controversial issue during the mum groups. Some believe they can wear ordinary bras in bigger sizes instead of the breastfeeding pumping bra. However, using a breastfeeding pumping bra is supported by sound reason. The proper use of breastfeeding pumping bras can help in breastfeeding easily and relieve mothers' physical tiredness.

A good breastfeeding pump bra exerts positive effects on mothers' lactation period due to its features. It serves as a specialized bra that provides mothers additional support by some particular usability designs in permitting comfortable breastfeeding. 

Without Steel Ring Design: Good for Mammary Glands

There are some maternal physiological changes in pregnancy and lactation. Once lactation begins, mothers' breasts become plentiful turgor by continuous filling with milk. If using ordinary bras that might tighten the nursing mothers' breasts. What's worse, the steel rings of ordinary bras might press on the mammary glands, leading to a series of problems such as reducing milk, plugging milk ducts, and even mastitis. But if using a breastfeeding pump bra can reduce mammary glands problems caused by bra compression. A breastfeeding pumping bra is made of soft but flexible fabric material, which can fit the changing of breasts and has no binding sensation. It is suitable for breastfeeding and pumping. 

Racerback Design: Fashion and Relieve Tiredness

Comfort characteristic is the first requirement of breastfeeding and pumping milk bras. The racerback design is more helpful to relieve tiredness because of its wide shoulder strap and broad-backed design. The swollen breasts cause stresses on the chest, which can be dispersed by the racerback design. It can be worn as a nursing bra for breastfeeding and pumping to comfort mothers. At the same time, it can be worn as a sports bra allowing a nursing mother to exercise more easily. 

Hands-Free Design: Improve Work Efficiency

A breastfeeding and pumping bra is designed to provide quick and easy access to breastfeeding and pumping. How does it work? Firstly, you will find some panels connecting detachable clips that can be folded down in the bra. Mothers do not need to remove the bra while they are feeding the babies. It has an "X" opening on the bra's panels. The breast pump flanges can be accessed inside and work, so mothers no need to hold them. This hands-free design benefits a lot. Mothers can relax on the sofa or go on working with no need for waiting for the pumping. 

Using a breastfeeding and pumping bra is important to help mothers feel comfortable nursing and pumping in various circumstances. And using Momcozy racerback pumping bra can satisfy mothers in all aspects just mentioned. As the best pumping bra, there are eight tips on how to use hands-free Momcozy racerback pumping bra to enjoy breasting.

  • Make sure to use the right size breast flanges. It should neither too big to suck in the whole breast nor too small then touch the tube.  
  • Check whether the nipples on both sides are centered in the breast shield duct. If not, it might hurt the nipples while pumping.
  • Ensure that two breast shields are firmly fixed to breastfeeding pumping bra, and adjust the tightness in time. Momcozy hands-free pumping bra has an "X" opening on the panels, which can fix the shields but would not be too bound. And if you want to put the portable breast pumps inside the bra, adjust the bra to confirm the milk can flow out normally.
  • Use maximum comfortable suction, and adjust the strength of level at any time—no need to choose the maximum suction at the beginning of using the pump. Nursing mothers should choose step by step.
  • Avoid pressing the breast shields or squeezing the breast tube. The breastfeeding and pumping bra should not be too tight then it would restrict milk flow.  
  • Occasionally massage the breast to stimulate milk secretion. 
  • Check whether the breasts have been emptied. The emptied breasts should be soft.
  • Check whether the breasts are red and whether there is discomfort after use. If the skin is indented, it means that your breastfeeding pumping bra or the breast shield is too tight. It would be best if you make adjustments next time. 
  • A functional breast pump can help mothers enjoy breastfeeding. Momcozy Double Electric Portable Rechargeable Breast Pump is your best choice worth trying. The breast pump flanges are made of soft silicone that is skin-friendly to mothers, and the nursing bottles are safe for babies due to the food-grade material. Less than 50dB, low noise gives babies a quiet rest environment. The double breast pump is configured with two models and nine-level suctions, which can meet mothers' need to push the milk out and ease the breast's discomfort in the best suitable suctions.

    Momcozy is derived from two words, "Mom" and "Cozy". Momcozy is dedicated to high-quality mom care products to comfort mothers worldwide from design, material selection to production. From your pregnancy to after delivery, we are the best companion to caring you for every moment. 

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