It is common knowledge that breast milk is the best food for newborn babies. Nowadays, more and more new mums are taking the bottle-feeding method with the help of a breast pump. By this way, both and mothers and the babies could enjoy a good time during a feeding. And here below are the benefits of this method.


1. Save Efforts with Bottle-Feeding

Comparatively speaking, babies prefer bottle-feeding. It’s so comfortable for them to take the breast milk in bottles, and they can drink a lot of breast milk at a time easily.

2. Easy Adjustment of The Feeding Scheme

The composition of breast milk changes during a feeding. The protein and fat content of breast milk in the first 5 minutes is lower than that in the last 5 minutes. Mothers could adjust their breastfeeding methods according to this change based on their baby’s condition.

3. Getting Much Rest for Mothers

Once the breast milk is ready in the bottles, the whole family could help to feed the babies. There is no need to only rely on the mother herself to feed the baby. As a result, mothers could take a flexible time to take much rest.

4. Convenient for Work

Even if the mothers go back to work, they don’t need to worry about feeding their babies. A breast pump and a milk storage bag help to deal with the matter easily.

5.Less Embarrassing in Public

Many women are uncomfortable to feeding their babies with whipping out their breasts in public. With bottle-feeding, it is never an issue. Mums could comfortably feed their babies with a bottle anytime anywhere.

Bottle-feeding is a popular choice among women today, which is easier and convenient for them. We sincerely hope every little angle could grow up healthy with mother’s breast milk.