For mothers, they not only spend a lot of time on babies’ diet and living but also spend a lot of money on babies’ supplies when raising a baby. Since the consumption of baby products is so large, can the baby use second-hand baby products?

Mothers could choose to buy some second-hand baby products sometimes. However, some second-hand products could be used while others could not be used.

It is not suitable to use second-hand products like breast pumps, shoes, pillows, mattress, safety seat, bottles and so on. And among them, the risk of using second-hand breast pump is the highest.

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The Risk of Using Second-Hand Breast Pump: ✩✩✩✩✩

Many manufacturers do not recommend mothers to use the second-hand breast pump in consideration of health problems. For each breast pump, it is best for using only one time by one mother.  The breast pump directly contacts the mother’s body and breast milk. If the last user carries the virus, even if there is a small chance, the breast milk will stick to the breast pump and pass it to the next user. And this may cause a great hazard to your baby.

Although it may be expensive, we still suggest you buy a new breast pump.

Momcozy is a reliable brand committed to supporting new moms on their important motherhood journey.

And Momcozy breast pump is popular with most of the mothers. We supply both dual and single breast pump for different uses for mothers.

Momcozy breast pump

 It is featured with below advantages:

  • Automatic mode for convenient use
  • 16 levels and memory function for easy using
  • Super quiet and suitable even for outdoor use
  • Battery and USB rechargeable feature for portable use
  • Medical-grade material for safe use for both babies and mothers


Compared with the manual breast pump, our Momcozy electric breast pump is effort-saving and it helps a lot to lighten mothers’ burden. With its compact size, it is portable on the go or traveling.

Momcozy is still on the way to provide more reliable breastfeeding products and baby products to both mothers and babies. We want to make life much more convenient and less stressful for moms everywhere.