Many breastfeeding mothers may need to use a breastfeeding pump. When mothers have problems in the producing of breast milk or they are going out or at work, they need the help of a breast pump. As a result, it is important to choose the right breast pump.

best breast pump

At present, breastfeeding pump on the market can be roughly divided into manual breast pump and an electric breast pump. Usually, the price of a manual breast pump is low. And the price of an electric breastfeeding pump varies greatly according to its function. We should pay attention to the following points when choosing a breast pump.

High Comfort

When a good breast pump presses the nipple, mothers will not feel pain about the nipple. And it is mainly because the design of breast pump meets human needs. But if choosing the wrong breast pump and mothers’ nipple is painful intolerably when sucking, it may affect the amount of milk or even make the milk returned.

Good Convenience

It can adjust the strength for the breast pump and adjust the level of the strength slowly. It is generally to control the suction strength manually for the manual breast pump, while electric one will generally set up several strength levels, and mothers can adjust breast pump according to their own needs. However, the main choice criteria are personal preferences and economic conditions.

Easy Carrying

When the purpose of buying a breast pump is to use it during working, outside of a home or other time, we should pay attention to the size of the breast pump, and try to choose the one that is easy to carry and portable.

Excellent Mute Function

Whether it is outside of the home or during work, we do not want the breast pump to make a striking sound when using it. So we recommend choosing the breast pump with the mute function so as to avoid embarrassment.

With all these features, a new mom could make great use of a breast pump with ease.